Referral brokers, scouts & football intermediaries

Our Firm looks forward to co-operating with third parties.

About this co-operation.

Usually we deal directly with football clubs, players and Coaches (‘Managers’). Therefore, feel free to create WhatsApp group chats on 0035699447444 with:

  • Directors of  clubs who require:  sponsorships, loans (up to Euro500m), investments, potential buyers, players, technical staff etc; or with
  • Football players or goalkeepers,  in particular attackers or youth national team players (EU from 16 years old and non-EU from 18 years old); or with
  • International coaches; or with
  • Investors who want to invest in or buy a club.

In return, we pay pre-agreed written “referral commissions” ranging from 10% to 30% of our commission/s.

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