Football Loans

About this service.

Our Firm may source loans for football clubs.

  • Club borrowing the funds can be anywhere in the world so long as the receivables are with a club in Europe;
  • Funds will be received within 4 to 12 weeks (transfer factoring: 4 weeks; while financial restructuring: 12 weeks);
  • The loan’s interest rate will range between 4% to 6.5% per year;
  • The loan may be lent for a period up to 10 years;
  • The broker’s fee varies from 0.75% to 1.25% of the loan;
  • Funds are loaned in the home currency;
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 500,000,000;
  • 100% of the value of the guarantee may be borrowed;
  • Loan must be guaranteed by the income which the borrowing Club will generate from:
    a) TV rights;
    b) Sponsorships;
    c) Ticketing;
    d) Player transfer money outstanding.

If it’s a player transfer loan, it will be guaranteed against the transfer agreement instalments and therefore no requirement for TV rights etc.

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