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Reach this audience in Brazil with a Front Of Jersey Space

To be sold to the highest bidder via AUCTION at NO RESERVE PRICE. Bids will be accepted until 5th April 2022 at 12pm CET, however the football club may opt to close a deal with any bidder prior to the deadline.

Audience Details

TV Audience 600K / Season
Live Spectators 400K / Season
Stadium Capacity 70K Spectators
Web Traffic 250K / Season
Instagram 35K Followers
Twitter 8.6K Followers
YouTube 7.5K Subscribers
Facebook 34K Followers
E-Mail 5K Subscribers
City of the Club Brasilia, Brazil
City Population 5.5 Million
Country Population 230 Million
National Division (tier) 4th Division

Buyer’s Premium

12% of the bid; plus 18% Value Added Tax. If the highest bidder would have two or more bids, no premium will be charged on the opening bid, the premium will be charged only on the difference between the opening bid and the respective highest bid. So it is in everyone’s interest that the opening bid is as high as possible.

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