Advertising in Football

For Advertisers

Our Firm enjoys clients such as Clubs who would like to:

  • sell the naming rights of football stadiums,  
  • sell the space on the front of jerseys etc.

Also, our Firm enjoys Players and ex-Legends who are available in order to:

  • endorse products/services on adverts and on their high profile social media channels.

For Football Clubs, Players and ex-Legends:

If you are either the Head of the Commercial Department of a Club or a player/ex-Legend, and are looking for advertisers/sponsors, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our Firm may auction the following via an international and highly publicized auction (without a reserve price):

  • the naming rights of the Club’s stadium;  or
  • the front of jersey rights (even for single football matches) or
  • any other highly visible advertising opportunity.

Front Of Jersey Space Opportunity – Your chance to become the official sponsor of a Football Club in Brazil.
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